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Eco organic farm


Organic eggs

We take care of our animals with love, with natural and organic food, vitamines, medicinals plants. Our eggs are very good quality and test ! U can order online or visit us to the farm for get ur organic egg basket.

Organic milk

We focus on the organic quality of the milk and the wellness of ours animals. Let's test our fresh organic milk and the yaourt, cheese, ice cream.

lait et biscuits
Aloe Vera

Medicinals plants

We grow the endemic medicinals plants, preserve edible wild plants, and grow local vegetables and fruits.          We transform medicinal plants into natural products, such as oils, creams and balms.

Eco workshop

Join us to discover natural cultivation techniques, , work and create with natural materials recycle materials. Discover the plants, local species, their virtues and their use.

Amis dans la nature
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