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About us

Eco lovers

This project was born during a vision, the vision of a future is coherent Where we went culture, breeding, personal development, retreat in nature in order to reconnect with  yourself and recharge your batteries in nature.

Holidays Healing & Wellness Center

Our story

The idea of ​​the HEM project was born several years ago, the vision of an idyllic place, from Zephira, from Europe, and Zephira was travelling around the world for find this exceptional place surrounded by forest and bordered by the refreshing waves of a river. 

This place would be a peaceful sanctuary to recharge your batteries. So that visitors can come for wellness activities. That habitats built with local materials can be born in the forest and on the banks of the river for those who wish to connect with nature and themselves. And also farm animals roam freely in the place, where residents enjoy fresh products such as milk, eggs and also vegetables and medicinal plants.

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