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7 Things You Must Consider When Planning a Stay in Wellness Centre Set In Jungle In South Goa

The daily grind of everyday life and the demands of a work-life leave one desperately craving a break from it all. It is where the wellness center beckons as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. How about experiencing serenity prevailing in a healing & wellness center, located in the heart of the jungle? A jungle stay in South Goa in a wellness center nestled amidst nature can be a transformative experience. However, planning such an adventure requires careful consideration to ensure a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Here are key things to consider when planning your retreat to a jungle wellness center.

jungle stay in South Goa

Things to consider when planning a stay at Jungle Wellness Centre

1. Location and Accessibility: Start by researching the location of the wellness center. Is it located in a dense jungle, or is it closer to a residential area? Consider the accessibility, especially if you have specific travel preferences or mobility requirements.

2. Accommodation: Look into the types of accommodations offered. Some jungle wellness centers provide rustic cabins, while others offer more luxurious options. Choose an accommodation that best fits both your comfort and budget.

3. Wellness Programs: Your purpose of visiting the wellness center is to enjoy a slow-paced life and a few solitary moments of calm and stillness. Explore the wellness programs available. Do they align with your goals? Whether it's yoga, meditation, detox, or spa treatments, make sure the center offers the services you desire.

4. Safety Measures: Safety should be a top priority when planning a jungle stay in South Goa in a wellness center. Check if the center has adequate security measures in place, especially when you're in a remote jungle setting. Inquire about emergency protocols and medical facilities nearby. Follow us on Twitter to keep up with all the latest news and developments.

5. Dietary Restrictions and Preferences: Diet is closely linked with wellness programs. A proper and balanced diet helps you reap the complete benefits of the wellness programs. Consider your dietary restrictions or preferences and check if the wellness center accommodates vegetarian, vegan, or other specific diets. Ensure the center can cater to your nutritional needs. To stay connected, follow us on Instagram!

6. Disconnect or Stay Connected: Decide if you want to disconnect from the digital world or stay connected during your retreat. Some wellness centers offer limited Wi-Fi, while others encourage a complete digital detox. It’s advisable to completely disconnect from all digital distractions and dedicate a few days to self-growth and self-introspection.

7. Budget: Budget is another crucial consideration when planning a jungle stay in South Goa. Determine your budget in advance as different wellness centers offer different packages. Some offer all-inclusive packages, while others have a la carte pricing. Factor in travel costs, activities, and additional expenses. Contact us for more details.


Short stays at wellness centers can be refreshing and rejuvenating, helping you tap into the oasis of peace within, and improving your overall quality of life. In essence, it improves every area of your life. Come, book a stay in our wellness center set in the heart of a jungle, and immerse yourself in its calmness and serenity. Go back and resume the everyday hustle with renewed energy and a relaxed mind. Visit our Facebook page to learn about our services in detail.

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